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About Amazon Web Services Training

Amazon Web Services is the most emerging technology in these days. It has started in the year 2006 for offering best IT Infrastructure services to the clients. All the services are providing in the form of web services that is called as cloud computing. It enhances the business performance with low variable costs. It delivers the results in the fast methods.
Amazon Web Services Training in Pune is provided in a comprehensive and reliable way to students. This course is mainly introduced to make the candidates to deploy highly scalable applications on platform of AWS. Placement Oriented Training is provided to the students to acquire best job opportunity in the most reputed companies. Certification is also awarded to the candidates after the course completion to the students. This course is completely which is under cloud computing platform. We give the extensive AWs Training in Hyderabad to improve subject knowledge skills of the students.

Amazon Web Services Training Objectives

- Knowledge in Amazon web services with an introduction to cloud services
- Knowledge in the AMI creation and also EBS persistent storage
- Subject Knowledge in the usage of Amazon storage services S3, Route 53, aws ec2 and aws s3
- Knowledge in the Visualization of Amazon scaling services and auto scaling
- Skills in identifying and attainment of management technique
- Understanding in the multiple AWS services and knowledge in managing of resources life cycle
- Subject knowledge in AWS architecture and design with best practices
- Real Time Industry-Based Projects

Amazon Web Services Training Course Prerequisite

It will be added an advantage if the candidates have knowledge in the given concepts
- Knowledge in the distributed systems
- Skills in general working concepts
- Skills in the cloud computing concepts
- Subject knowledge in Multi tier architectures

Amazon Web Services Training Duration

- Regular classroom based training available for this course.
- Fast track (1-1): Can be arranged as per the convenience of participant.
- 45 Working days, daily one and half hours

                                         AWS DEVOPS
Introduction to AWS DEVOPS
What is DevOps in cloud?
History of DevOps
DevOps and software life cycle
DevOps main objectives
IAAS overview
PAAS overview
SAAS overview
Continuous Testing and Integration
Continuous Release and deployment
Continuous Application monitoring
AWS Web Services
Basic of Linux for AWS
?Cd ?Mkdir ?Ls ?Jobs ?Chmod
?Vim ?Vi & cat ?Gzip ?And many moreā€¦.
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)(Complete)
?Different instance types
?Key pairs
?Security groups
?Network Interfaces
?Load balancers
?Auto scaling
?What is s3?
?Buckets & objects
?Pre-signed URL
?Relation between Cloud front, S3 & glacier
?VPC basics
?Public subnets & private subnets
?Network ACL's
?Difference between Network ACL & Security groups
?Route tables
?Internet gateways
?DHCP option sets
?Launch Servers with VPC.
Basics of AWS permissions.
?MFA authentication.
?User permissions
?Groups based
?AWS key & Secret Key
Dynamo DB
?What is no sql technologies
?Dynamo DB capacity
?Create tables & do a sample projects.
Route 53
?Hosted zone
?Types(Cname, Ip address, MX )
?Change references to meet CName
?Email services
?SMTP Servers
?Queue creations
?Retention periods
?Dead letters
?Notification & Applications
Cloud Watch
?Different Metrics
?Custom metrics
Cloud Formation
?Cloud formation templates
?Complete resources & explanation with sample templates
Cloud Front
Code deploy
?Why Code deploy
?How to apply patch with Code Deploy

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