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About Windows Azure Training

Windows Azure platform is the Microsoft solution for cloud computing purpose. This platform gives Operating system, database and application services that reduce the administration, streamline, and maintenance as well. It reduces the costs and enhances business growth. In this Windows Azure Training in Pune, candidates can acquire In-Depth subject knowledge skills to build and deploy various applications that make use of Windows Azure Platform using Visual Studio and also .NET.
Windows Azure Training in Pune is provided in a very comprehensive way to desired students to build and deploy applications on this Microsoft Cloud Computing platform. It is provided by using management portals of windows azure along with its features. We give enriched knowledge along with technical skills to become an efficient developer in this platform.
Newgen Infotech has best expertise team to handle in the unique way of Windows Azure Training in Pune. The subject knowledge is enhanced with Industry Based applications so that candidates can understand in an easy manner.

Android Training Objectives

- Knowledge in usage of Windows Azure Portal and the services delivered
- Skills in different service models of Cloud computing
- Knowledge in creation of worker role and web role and publishing it to Windows Azure Portal
- Knowledge in Windows Azure Websites (WAWS) and creation of web portals using templates
- Acquires knowledge in working with components in distributed application communication with each other
- Acquire knowledge in different types of storage in Windows Azure such as blobs, tables, and queues
- Learning of Architecture, usage of SQL Azure and security
- Learning of migration from local database to SQL Azure
- Acquire skills in different caching mechanism supported by Windows Azure
- Acquiring the subject knowledge skills in sharing media content that is audio and video with clients

Windows Azure Training Course Prerequisite

Candidates must prefer Best Windows Azure Training Institutes in Pune to acquire sound knowledge to the students. It will be added an advantage if the candidates have sound knowledge in the below stated one.
- Knowledge in Visual Studio
- Knowledge of ASP.NET
- Knowledge in a .NET language preferably C#
- Familiarity with SQL Server 2008

Windows Azure Training Duration

- Regular classroom based training available for this course.
- Fast track (1-1): Can be arranged as per the convenience of participant.
- 60 Working days, daily one and half hours

Introduction to Azure
Cloud technology overview
? What is PaaS/ SaaS/ IaaS
? Overview of Azure
? Managing Azure with the Azure portal
? Demo: Azure Portal
? Overview of Azure Resource Manager
? Azure management services
? Azure Architecture
? Development Tools
? Visual Studio tools
? Demo: Visual Studio tools
Virtual Networks in Microsoft Azure
? Creating a Virtual Network
? Understand Point-to-Site Networks
? Demo: Create Azure virtual networks.
Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure
? Create and Configure Virtual Machines
? Workloads on Azure Virtual Machines
? Implement Images and Disks
? VM Networking
? Configure Disks
? Monitor Vms
? Demo: Create and Connect to Virtual Machines
? Demo: Create an Azure Virtual Network
? Demo: Configure Endpoints and Monitoring
Implementing Storage in Microsoft Azure
? Understand Cloud Storage
? Blobs, Azure Files
? Storage Queues, Tables
? Managing Access
? Create and Manage Storage
? Configure Diagnostics and Monitoring
? Demo: Create and manage storage in Azure.
Web Apps for Azure Infrastructure
? Deploy & Configure Websites
? Scaling
? Web App Deployment Models and Methods
? Web Deploy Packages
? Deployment Slots
? Demo: Deploying Azure Web Apps from the Portal
? Demo: Deploying Azure Web Apps from Visual Studio 2015
Cloud Services in Azure
Overview of Cloud Services
? Cloud Service Web Roles
? Customizing Cloud Service Configurations
? Updating and Managing Cloud Service Deployments
? Cloud Service Worker Role
? Cloud Service Worker Role Processing
? Analyzing Application Cloud Service Role Instances
? Demo: WebRoles and Worker Roles
SQL Azure
? Introduction
? SQL Azure concepts
? Demonstration: Working with SQL Azure
? Data synchronization
? Migration methods
? Limitations
? Demo: Migration through SSMS and Visual Studio
Application HostingServices
? Service Plans
? Hosting Databases
? Hosting services on-premises vs Windows Azure
? Demo: Managing Databases and Azure Subscriptions
Windows Azure Service Bus
? Introduction Windows Azure Service Bus
? MSMQ vs Azure Service Bus
? Windows Azure Service Bus Relays
? Windows Azure Service Bus Queues
? Windows Azure Service Bus Topics
Demo: Windows Azure Service Bus Relays |Topics |Queues
Deploying Services
? Creating and deploying Web Application packages
? Command-line tools for web deployment packages
? Deploying to Windows Azure Environments
? Continuous delivery with TFS and GIT
? Best practices for production deployment
? Local Redundancy
? Geo-Redundancy
? Read-only Geo-Redundancy
? Demo: Deploying services
Implementing Azure Active Directory
Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
? Administering Active AD
? Extending on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure
? Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
? Configuring directory synchronization
? Federation Concepts
? Identity management and access control
Identity Management and Access Control
? Windows Azure Access Control Service
? Azure Security Access Control
? Shared Access Signatures with Azure Service Bus and Queue Storage Services
? Shared Access Signatures Best Practices
No SQL in Azure
? Azure Document DB
? Other No-SQL Alternatives
? Demo: SQL queries, expressions, Built in Functions
Advanced Topics
? Introduction to Internet of Things - IoT
? Event Hubs

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