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About Oracle Training

PL/SQL is Oracle's extension language for standard SQL.In this PL/SQL training class, consultants who already know SQL, learn to use PL/SQL to write sophisticated queries against an Oracle database.

Oracle PL/SQL Training Objectives

- Introduction
- Creating Stored Procedures
- Creating Stored Functions
- Creating Packages
- Using More Package Concepts
- Using Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development
- Dynamic SQL and Metadata
- Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code
- Managing Dependencies
- Manipulating Large Objects
- Creating Triggers
- Applications for Triggers
- Understanding and Influencing the PL/SQL Compiler


Knowledge Of SQL.

Oracle PL/SQL Training Duration

- Regular classroom based training available for this course.
- Fast track (1-1): Can be arranged as per the convenience of participant.
- Weekend: 25 days (1 hours per day)

1 About Oracle Training
2 Oracle Training Course Prerequisite
3 Oracle Training Course Objective
4 Oracle Training Course Duration
5 Oracle Training Course Overview
5.1 Introduction to DBMS:
5.2 Introduction to RDBMS
5.3 Sub Language Commands:
5.4 Introduction to SQL Database Object
5.5 Built in Functions
5.6 Grouping the Result of a Query
5.7 Working with Integrity Constraints
5.8 REF constraint
5.9 Querying Multiple Tables (Joins)
5.10 Working with Sub Queries
5.11 Working with DCL, TCL Commands
5.12 Maintaining Database Objects
5.13 VIEWS in Oracle
5.14 Working with Sequences
5.15 Working with Synonyms
5.16 Working with Index and Clusters
5.17 Creating Cluster Tables, Implementing Locks, working with roles
5.18 Pseudo Columns in Oracle
5.19 Data Partitions & Parallel Process
5.20 Locks
5.21 SQL * Loader
5.22 PL-SQL (Procedure Language – SQL)
5.23 Advanced PL/SQL
5.23.1 Functions in PL/SQL Packages in PL/SQL
5.25 Database Triggers in PL/SQL
5.26 File Input/Output
5.27 Implementing Object Technology
5.28 Using LOBS
5.29 Using Collections
5.30 Oracle Database Architecture
5.31 Advanced Features

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