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Overview of JavaScript Training

Javascript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is lightweight and most commonly used as a part of web pages, whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.
JavaScript was first known as LiveScript, but Netscape changed its name to JavaScript, possibly because of the excitement being generated by Java. JavaScript made its first appearance in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with the name LiveScript. The general-purpose core of the language has been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers.

JavaScript Training Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:
- To get hands-on experience on JavaScript and jQuery. - To learn how to work with binding events to the controls in JavaScript.
- To learn how to download jQuery library and refer it to the Html page.
- To learn the importance of $(document).ready(function(){ });
- To learn selecting the Html elements by name, attribute name, id or by content.
- To Learn Traversing of Html elements.
- To learn handling different events for different Controls.
- To learn how to provide effects to the elements or sections in the Html page.
- To learn manipulating elements by adding CSS classes dynamically, by inserting elements etc.
- To learn how to make an Ajax request using jQuery.
- To learn what is JSON, what is the use of it and what are its advantages.


Participants are required to have basic knowledge of Html and JavaScript.
In case you do not have knowledge on Html and JavaScript, we suggest you to go through with Html and JavaScript Course and then get back with jQuery Course to have in-depth knowledge.

JavaScript Training Duration

- Regular classroom based training: 8 hours (1 week) of total training with 1 hour session per day.
- Fast Track(1-1): 8 hours (2 days) of total training with 4 hours of training per day.
- Pre-Recorded video based online trainingoption is available for now

Week 1: Introduction

What is JavaScript
What can't you do with JavaScript?
Java "vs" JavaScript
The hierarchy of JavaScript Objects
window Object
document Object
Outputting Text with JavaScript
Using Arrays to Refer to Forms
Setting the bgColor & fgColor Properties
location Object
history Object
history & location Objects Examples
navigator Properties
parseInt() & parseFloat()
Variable concatenation Examples 1 & 2
Expressions & Operators
Clock Example using the Conditional Operator
JavaScript Objects
String Object
JavaScript String Manipulation Examples
HTML String Methods
Math Object
Using PI & Sqrt
Calculating the Square or Square Root
Date Object
Date Object Example
JavaScript Built-in Functions
Three Types of Dialog Boxes in JavaScript

Week 2

Event Handlers
Incorporating JavaScript into your HTML pages
  Method 1: The <SCRIPT> tag
  Method 2: Placing JavaScript within HTML tags
  Modularizing Event Handlers
  Attributes for the <SCRIPT> tag
  Hiding scripts from other browsers
  JavaScripting Commenting
JavaScript and the HTML layout
The concept of Program Control
Introduction to if -- else Branching
  Do You Love Me? (if -- else Example 1)
  Weekend Checker (if -- else Example 2)
  What time of day is it (if -- else Example 3)
  Digital Clock using gifs -- Static
  Digital Clock using gifs -- Dynamic
while loops
  more about while loops
for loops
  Calculating the Sum of the Digits
  Nested for loops
  Multiplication Table (more Nested for loops)
  with no parameters
  with parameters -- passing arguments
  this keyword
  returning values
  "multiple" returns
  Variable Scope
  Local --vs-- Global Variables
  Functions & their locations within a document
  Functions at work
  Recursive Functions
There's more than one way to call a Function

Week 3

Status Bar
Review of the JavaScript Object Hierarchy
  onMouseOvers & Hyperlinks
  onMouseOvers & onMouseOuts to perform different functions
  "Automatic" Timer
  defaultStatus & onFocus
  Status Bar Messages with Image Maps
  Status Bar Messages with Image Maps (corrected for IE 5.x)
  Status Bar Digital Clock
  Scrolling Status Bar Messages
  Scrolling Status Bar Messages (Annotated Version)
  Scrolling Status Flasher
RollOver "Bad Code"
Correct "image onMouseOvers"
Correct "image onMouseOvers" (Annotated Version)
Blinking Eye
Blinking Eye (Annotated Version)
Digital Clock
Digital Clock (Annotated Version)
Image Map
Image Map (that works with IE 5.x)
Changing an Image Using the onClick Event Handler
Changing images using a hyperlink
Glow Buttons
  Bouncing Ball
  Dynamic Date Display
  Digital Clock
  Random Quotes
  Rotating Banner
  Rotating Banner with Synchronized Status Bar Messages
  Random Rotating Banner with Synchronized Status Bar Messages
  Slide Show
  Slide Show Version 3
  Stroke the Squares
Jump to
"Browser Detection" Version 1
"Browser Detection" Version 2
"Browser Detection" Version 3
Using typeof()

Week 4

CheckBox Textfields
Techniques for text String Management
Message Slide Show
Message Slide Show (Annotated Version)
Demo of document.write() & "how" it works
  "Does" what it is suppose to
  "Does not" do what it is suppose to
Form Object
Forms -- A Quick Introduction
Form Elements
Button -- Simple Calculator
Radio Button
  light on/off
  Radio Button test
  Which browser is your favorite
  Temperature Conversion
  Temperature Conversion (Annotated Version)
  Double or Square?
  CheckBox Test
  CheckBox Calculator
  Manipulating the Values of a Textfield
  Detecting Textfield Events
  Echo -- Reflect
  "Less Clutter"
Select -- a "through" study
  Which browser is your favorite
  Multiple Selects

Week 5

"Practical" Examples using RegExps
onChange & Select
MultiDimensional Arrays
Double Combination
Form Object
Form Handlers
Form Validation Overview
JavaScript Regular Expressions -- RegExp
Regular Expression Methods
RegExp Examples
Summary of RegExp Pattern Syntax
  "Trim" Function
  "Swap" Function
  Inserting/Removing Commas from Numbers
  Validate Date Format
Using "type"
"Validation" Form
"Simple" Form Validation
"Simple" Form Validation (Annotated Version)
Car Picker Validation
Car Picker Validation (Annotated Version)

Week 6

Order Forms
  Order Form Naming Convention
  Order Form Calculations
  Order Form Calculations (Annotated Version)
Credit Card "Validation" Form
  Credit Card "Validation" Code
  Credit Card "Validation" Code (Annotated Version)
CGI Introduction
GET & POST Methods
Perl CGI Examples
Where do I get my input from
ASP Form Examples
  Display results using ASP v1
  Display results using ASP v1 (Annotated Version)
  Display results using ASP v2
CGI Environmental Variables
URL Encoding
  URL Encoding & Decode
mailto: -vs- CGI
One File with "Multi-URL's" (Passing Data)
Calendar source code
JMail Examples & Implementations

Week 7

Quiz Examples
  Quiz Source Code
  Quiz Source Code (Annotated Version)
  Form Conventions
  Quiz Source Code -- MultiDimensional Arrays
  Quiz Source Code -- MultiDimensional Arrays (Annotated Version)
Server-Side Includes (SSI)
  SSI Directives
  SSI & HTTP/CGI Variables Output
  SSI & HTTP/CGI Variables Source Code
  SSI using #exec CMD
Web-Embedded Programming
  Display results using ASP v1
  Display results using ASP v2
  Cold Fusion Markup Language
  PHP Code Example
  Hidden Fields
  Hidden Fields ( &
  Cookies & Scripting
  Cookie Functions (Annotated Version)
  Cookie Functions
  Register Your Name
  Register Your Name (Annotated Version)
  Register Your Name -- Version 2
  Cookies & Paths how they work
  Cookies Created in Week 1
  Cookies Displayed
  Perl & Cookies Example

Week 8

  Voodoo's Introduction to Frames
  Use Target attributes to direct pages
  Frameset Communication
  Colored Frames
  Escaping Frames
  Keeping a page out of a Frame
  Forcing a page to be in Frame
  Passing Information from Frame to another
  The HTML Tester Page
  Resume -- Top Frame Source Code
  Resume -- Bottom Frame Source Code
  window Object
  Positioning New Opened Windows
  Pop-up Centered Window
  Shifting Focus between multiple Windows -- onClick
  Shifting Focus between multiple Windows -- onMouseOver
  Passing Information from the Child Window to the Parent Window
  Passing Information from the Parent Window to the Child Window
  Opening & Closing Child Windows
  A Child Window that acts as a Control Panel - a variation
  The Gallery Source Code
  Pop-up Windows & Cookies Source Code
  Customizable Second Window
  Summary & Examples of Pop-up Windows
  JavaScript & "buttons"

Week 9

mimeTypes & plugins
  Media Types and Subtypes
  Plugins & Viewers
  What File Types Can the Browser Work With?
  Here is tonight's dinner
  Embedded Data
  Checking for plug-ins
  Sounds on RollOvers
  Sound Controls
  LiveAudio & LiveConnect
JavaScript & Java Connection
  Simple Java Examples
  Modifying a "Java Clock" through JavaScript dynamically

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