Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a very popular on-demand model for network access, gaining popularity among different organizations and enterprises. With the power of cloud computing features, we help organizations to reduce costs, keep applications up to date, increase storage availability, and control data efficiently. Turn to Effective Soft to make cloud computing solutions work for your business.

Our outsourcing software development services are based on the latest technologies, proven methods and processes, and the expertise of our teams in:

Cloud technologies represent a fundamental change to business as normal.

The cloud has become the key delivery mechanism for today’s leading software companies to reach a wider audience while also benefiting from simplified and centralized management. But it is not just software companies which will benefit. New business models will emerge as organizations increasingly transition products to the cloud.

Cloud Services provide you with:

- A public or private cloud offering
- All infrastructure software licensing
- Application(s) high availability of 99.9%
- Development, test and production application environments
- Infrastructure maintenance including installation, patch management and malware protection
- System monitoring, notifications, etc.
- Database maintenance, back-up, and retention services
- Disaster recovery (recovery time objective four hours and recovery point objective 15 minutes)

Custom Cloud Implementations

Newgen infotech-services include enterprise cloud software development, cloud-based innovation, and product development in the cloud and SaaS space. Our services cover Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Amazon, as well as custom cloud implementations.
Both the leading ERP vendors including Oracle and SAP provide various cloud computing solutions. These include Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). For example, both Oracle and SAP offer CRM-On Demand as SaaS offerings. SAP is offering On Demand Business Intelligence solutions leveraging their Business Objects solutions.
Oracle also enables enterprises to deploy Oracle technologies in public clouds Web Services environment. Companies can today deploy their Oracle 11g database and Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions to the Web Services Cloud.
Cloud computing can be deployed in various ways including Software As a Service (SaaS), Platform As a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) or Business Process as a Service. We believe that for larger enterprises, Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) will see quicker adoption.

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